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Afraid of frizzy and uneven hair? Get the best hair care in Mumbai

Hair loss can be distressing to both men and women. As a result of hair loss the strands of hair progressively becomes pencil-thin and uneven. In women, pattern baldness condition will result in thinning on the crown of the head, ands result in uneven and frizzy hair. Receive the best hair care in Mumbai to treat frizzy and uneven hair from the best hair doctor in Mumbai.

Congentital problems cause hair conditions

Hormones, ageing and metabolic syndromes are some of the factors that affect hair. The dihydrotesterone hormone (DHT) actually shrinks the hair follicle and eventually it becomes inactive, stopping the hairgrowth. As people age, the hormonal levels change leading to uneven hair, frizzy hair and is likely to causemale pattern baldness. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions with several risk factors. Increased glucose intake, resistance to insulin, and varying androgen levels have to be considered while evaluating hair conditions.

Hair Treatment – solutions for all hair problems

Touted as one of the very best hair clinic in Mumbai,Hair Treatment offers solutions designed by some the of the very best trichologists in India. Experts who introduced the revolutionary and pathbreaking QR678 molecule, with vast experience in PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are better equipped to offer you the best treatment for frizzy and uneven hair.

Topical applications to combine with proper hair care for lustrous locks

Minoxidil is one of the best treatments for hair conditions, considered to be one of the safest and reasonably effective with promising outcomes. Applied topically it halts hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. In combination with proper hair care it is possible to maintain lustrous locks of hair. The right hair is essential, regardless of treatment regimen.

Under the guidance of the best experts, you can look forward to a mane of strong, even and luxuriant hair. Expertise has no substitute, and a trichologist with rich experience in offering effective solutions for hair loss would be better equipped to diagnose and offer the best treatment.

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