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Alopecia Treatment in India – The best solution to your unpredictable hair loss

Availing alopecia treatment in India has become a lot easier with the establishment of high tech hair clinics that afford the best treatment. Trichologists have come up with a range of therapies to treat the scourge of alopecia. Here is a look at the condition and some of the solutions that will help you to get rid of this disorder.

Autoimmune disorder causes the condition

Studies reveal that alopecia is caused due to the anomaly in the immune system. This autoimmune disorder affects the hair follicles and retards the growth of normal hair. Thyroid, allergic disorders, lupus are some of the autoimmune diseases and the impact of these diseasescoulddamage the hair follicles and lead to massive amounts of hair loss.

Corticosteroids – tried and tested treatment regimen

One of tried and tested alopecia treatment in Mumbai is undeniably corticosteroids. Administered intralesionally, corticosteroids treat alopecia caused when the immune system ruptures hair follicles. Though the corticosteroids can also be taken orally, it takes a longer time to see results.

Topical immunotherapya suitable alternative

Your dermatologist may suggesttopical immunotherapy, a simple technique that involves applying formulationsto the patchy hair loss spot. Patients need to be aware that this treatment could sometimes cause allergic reactions. Even though recipients may stand exposed to allergies, the treatment needs to be continued to fetch results.

Minoxidileasy topical application

Minoxidil is one of the easiest alopecia treatments in Mumbai. Itnot only controls hair loss but also promotes hair growth and is considered to be harmless and one of the most effectivealopecia treatment in India. This treatment expands the hair follicles that permits good blood circulation, oxygen and paves the path for new thicker hair growth.

Treatment for alopecia disorder has been supported by years of research so as to offer the best prognosis. Look for a qualified and experienced trcihologist who has earned the right kind of reviews and success in treatment. With the best of treatment you can blow your worries away and lead a normal life.

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