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Mesotherapy treatment

Hair fall and lead to balding. Balding is a conditions that is not desirable by anybody. Fortunately modern science has made it possible to treat baldness and hair fall. There are a lot of surgical and non-surgical options available with the hair specialists today to treat the condition successfully and with great results. One of the oldest and most popular methods is mesotherapy for hair growth.

In medical terms hair loss leading to baldness is called Alopecia. This is a condition in which the patient loses hair from the scalp and the body. This condition is not limited to a particular geographical region or gender however the intensity and pattern can be different based on gender and age and other conditions. Loss of hair is often characterized by receding hair line, patch baldness and a thinning crown. Mesotherapy can also help delay male pattern baldness. Mesotherapy for hair treatment can also be used to treat severe dandruff. However treatment should only be administered after consulting a dermatologist.  Heredity is not the only reason that can cause baldness and hair loss; other reasons include unhealthy lifestyles, hormonal imbalances, age, medications, steroids, pregnancy, poor choice of hair styling products, psychological stress and shock, and compulsive hair pulling disorder.


Mesotherapy treatment for hair has been in existence for decades. It was first discovered by Dr. Michel Pistor in the year 1952. He discovered the effectiveness of a chemical called procaine in treating hearing loss in a patient who was deaf for years. Dr. Pistor used this treatment for many patients for years then.  Over the years mesotherapy has been used for the treatment of hair loss for thousands of patients worldwide. This treatment is non-surgical and the feeling of pain is negligible.

If you have been suffering from unusual hair loss then it is time for you to visit the hair specialist to discuss the mesotherapy for hair treatment.

The Process of Mesotherapy for Hair Treatment

Mesotherapy for hair growth is done only in the specialist’s office and is done under local anaesthesia. Depending on the requirement of the patients the whole process can take up to 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Mesotherapy for hair treatment is a chemical process. Hair growth is stimulated using the chemical to restore the natural hair. Some important points for mesotherapy for hair growth treatment are as follows”

  • The treatment will span for a period of up to eight to ten sessions which will mean that there will be one session of approximately one week every hour.
  • Visible results take time and therefore you have to be patient so see the hair growth
  • Nutrients are injected in the mesoderm layer of the scalp using the injecting gun and therefore little soreness is expected.
  • Mesoderm is an layer under the epidermis
  • Since mesotherapy for hair growth includes injecting rich nutrients composted of materials designed to enhance hair growth and hence side effects and allergic reactions are minimal. A little soreness is expected.
  • Mesotherapy for hair growth for patients that have diabetes and or are pregnant is not recommended.

Mesotherapy for Hair Growth Treatment Process

There are two types of process involved in mesotherapy for hair growth treatments one is the mechanical process and one is the chemical process.

The mechanical process for mesotherapy for hair growth treatment involves the gun needle that is used to create the perforations in the affected tissue. Healthy skin and hair need collagen and elastin to develop and these injections help with the existing collagen to increase the current levels.

The chemical treatment of mesotherapy of hair growth includes injecting the chemicals like Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Biochanin A. These chemical help in hair growth by increasing the blood circulation, reducing inflammation and increasing the production of collagen and also increasing the follicle size to stop the hair loss.

Mesotherapy for hair growth is a treatment that is much faster than the other treatments available in the world. Not only it helps in healthy hair growth it also restores the hormonal balance and helps in neutralizes the effects of DHT hormone.  Mesotherapy is more effective than oral treatment in terms of hair rebuilding. The problem with oral medication is that it has to metabolize the liver before getting into the blood and taking its effect.  This passage reduces the effect of the oral medications whereas mesotherapy for hair growth delivers the treatment only to the affected area and therefore there are more immediate results.

Vis a Vis surgical treatments mesotherapy is painless and less expensive. However mesotherapy is does not work alone it can often be combined with other treatments. Also as a patient you need to make sure that you keep a healthy diet, avoid junk food, drugs, and steroids. Regular exercise and a fitness regime is also required for a successful treatment.

New Techniques for Mesotherapy for Hair Growth

Changing times have introduced a new technique for mesotherapy treatment which is a needle free treatment. In this method an ultrasonic device is used to send the nutrients under the skin. This is a completely painless process with much faster recovery.