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Healthy Hair Practices

Hair care is not about just shampooing and forgetting about it. You have to follow some healthy hair practices to maintain the shine, health and volume of the hair at all times. Healthy hair practices are not something which is very complicated or difficulty to follow or heavy on your pocket. Just keep them as a part of your routine and you will reap long term benefits.

Do not forget the Scalp

The scalp is where the hair grows from. It is what absorbs all kinds of nutrients too and is most susceptible to damage too. When you are taking care of hair don’t forget to include scalp in the healthy hair practice too. If your scalp is itchy or if you are suffering from dandruff then you must treat your scalp to anti dandruff treatments as soon as possible. Visit a dermatologist if the problem does not go away and make sure that you keep the scalp healthy.

Avoid Styling with Hot Air

Hot air damages the hair a lot. Although you might be tempted to run a hot dryer on your air or use the rod to curl your hair in hurry but it will do more damage than benefit.  Still if you have to blow dry your hair or style them using a curling iron make sure that you a low heat setting and keep the dryer at a distance from the hair. When using the curling iron make sure that you use a protective spray at all times.  Using low heat settings is what will be very beneficial for your hair (although drying them might take some time).

Protect your hair from sun damage

When applying sunscreen to your face and body make sure that you apply some to the hairline too. You can also use some sunscreen spritz on your hair which will not only protect them from harmful sun rays but also keep them moisturized.

Avoid too much Shampooing

Believe it or not there is something called as too much shampooing. Avoid shampooing your hair every day. If you have a sweaty scalp or work out too much then you can use a dry shampoo to rinse your hair or use a conditioner in your hair to keep it healthy.

Eat lots of Proteins

Proteins are which will help you with your hair health all through the life. A protein rich diet will help the hair stay healthy from inside which is very important.  Have a diet rich with fruits, vegetable, fish and eggs. Vitamins, proteins, nutrients will help you stay healthy which will reflect in your hair.  Healthy diet and lots of water intake will also keep your skin healthy.

Deep condition your hair

Instead of using two in one shampoos that promise shampoo and conditioner in one use a deep conditioner in your hair at least once a week. This will help hydrate the hair. Remember you need to condition your hair and shampoo your scalp. Be faithful to this routine.

Get a haircut regularly

Smart people get regular haircuts. A very important healthy hair practice is getting regular haircuts. Regular haircuts will help get rid of the split hair and keep your hair healthy and even. The ends of hair are dead tissue and they dry and split easily and therefore you they stop growing. Also regular trims in every six to eight weeks will help prevent the breakage.

Brush the right way

People who brush their hair the right way reap the benefits of the same for long time. DO NOT ever brush harshly be gentle with your hair. Gentle brushing will keep your hair tangle free and smooth. Do not over brush your hair as excess brushing can stretch the hair and even break weak ends. Opt for soft bristles and use a plastic brushes. You can even use wide toothed wooden comb to detangle wet air.

Healthy hair practices are simple and easy and give great benefits.