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Three essential benefits of female pattern baldness treatment in India.

Hair loss has a great impact on women than men, because it affects their social functioning and professional life. Reasons like natural aging, change in levels of androgen hormones, emotional stress, and medical conditions in women may trigger female pattern baldness. When the major percentage of hair follicles reach the resting phase of the hair growth cycle, it shrinks the hair follicles and produces pencil-thin hair strands. This abnormal hair thinning and patchy hair loss condition could gradually lead to female pattern baldness. So here is what you need to know about the three essential benefits of female pattern baldness treatment in India.

# 1 – Strong hair follicle – Famous Trichologists in Mumbai offer a wide range of hair restoration treatments right from topical medicated solutions to hair transplant therapy. Mainstay of all these treatments is to put an end to hair loss and also to extend the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. These treatments help in boosting and reviving hair follicles in order to make the scalp strong enough to generate new and healthy hair strands.

# 2 – Improves the individual’s confidence level – Female pattern baldness is quite an abnormal hair loss condition that can bring down the individual’s confidence level and shatter the self-image and more importantly that would lead to psychological distress. The best Trichologist in Mumbai will analyse the underlying causes of the hair loss problem and suggest the recipients with the appropriate treatment. The Trichologist helps the recipients by counselling and ensures to make them mentally and physically strong to take up the treatment.

# 3 – Reverse hair loss – Hair restoration therapy not only makes the scalp and hair follicles stronger but also endeavours to reverse hair loss. Sometimes, individuals with thyroid and post-delivery hormonal changes might suffer abnormal hair loss so the Trichologist may suggest telogen effluvium treatment, to reverse hair loss before it could worsen.

Seeking and acquiring timely expertise treatment from highly-experienced Trichologist for female pattern baldness will be beneficial for the individuals both in personal and professional life.

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