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Baldness Treatment

Baldness is a condition which affects both males and females. It is a condition defined by hair loss in the areas of the scalp and the scalp becomes visible.

Male pattern baldness

It is a condition that affects more than fifty percent of men worldwide.  Male pattern baldness can be caused because of genetics, cancer, medications, thyroid and use of steroids. Male pattern baldness does not have any side effects. This usually happens at the later stage of life. The reason behind male pattern baldness is the different in the rate of fall of hair and hair growth. As males age the hair follicles start shrinking and hence the hair become shorter and finer and slowly the growth hair retards and slowly it stops growing at all. Male pattern baldness treatment in India begins with diagnosing the pattern of the hair loss and ruling out other conditions. Other investigations like skin biopsy and blood tests are also done to diagnose the disorders for male pattern baldness for the treatment of the same.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is different from male pattern baldness and the treatment is also different.  The pattern in which female lose hair is different from the men. Female pattern baldness is hereditary and generally shows its effect after the menopause. If you are a female reading this and you know that you are losing hair then it is time to consult a specialist for baldness treatment in India.  It’s better to get baldness treated as soon as possible.

Apart from these there can be many other reasons for baldness such as medications, thyroid, sudden weight loss or gain, change in lifestyle, change in diet etc. The good news is that baldness treatment is possible and is available in India by world renowned specialists. There are many baldness treatments available in India that are designed according to the climate conditions, diet patterns and living conditions in India.

Baldness treatments in India include:

Medication called Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a common medicine which is FDA approved given for the treatment of male pattern baldness. This medicine stimulates follicles to encourage hair growth. This treatment is directly applied to the scalp. However there is one problem that as soon as the patient stops applying Minoxidil the hair starts to fall again. You must discuss with the hair specialist to understand the risks and side effects.

Hair transplant is another common option for curing baldness. This treatment is done in the hair specialist’s office. Hair transplant treatment sessions in India happen over multiple sessions and cost a little on the higher side. This process requires the use of anaesthesia to numb the area where the transplant needs to take place. A small portion of the scalp of the patient that has hair is taken as the donor and then the hair are carefully separated. The separated hair is then inserted in the bald area. In one treatment session over thousands of hair can be transplanted. Hair transplant needs to be done under by experts only otherwise it can cause scarring and infection.

Finasteride is an oral pill and is said to be more effective than Minoxidil. This treatment slows down the hair loss but stops being effective as soon as you stop taking it and it does have some side effects too.

Natural remedies for baldness treatment are also a popular option in India. In fact most of the people when they start losing hair opt for natural remedies as the first option. There are many natural remedies that a patient can use. Some of them include

Increasing the intake of vitamins and nutrients in the diet is very important. The diet plays an important role in the health of the hair.  A simple tip is to increase the portion of red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetable in your diet. Foods such as fish, yogurt, and those that are rich in vitamin B5 increase the blood flow to the scalp and therefore hair growth increases. Vitamin A is another essential vitamin you need to keep the hair from falling but keep in mind that too much of vitamin A is not good too therefore a balanced diet is that you need at all times.

Protein is another important ingredient to include in your diet. The hair is made up of keratin and that is protein. Therefore chicken, dairy, beans, eggs, cereals etc. should be a part of your diet every day. Foods such as oysters, lobsters etc. are rich in zinc which prevents hair loss.

Apart from there are other remedies such as using aloe vera in hair or applying soaked and grinded fenugreek seeds on the air to keep them strong and prevent baldness. Home remedies also include use of curd, eggs and lemon juice on the scalp to stimulate the follicles and keep them young and healthy to retard hair loss.

Baldness treatment in India is a mixture of different treatment methods which aim to give the best result to the patient in order to restore the crowning glory hair.