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Medical Treatment for Hair Regrowth

Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai is very successful because of the excellent results that patients rave about. Hair regrowth can be sought for many reasons such as excessive hair loos, hair thinning etc. There are many treatment methods available for hair regrowth in Mumbai which include both surgical and non-surgical options Out of these medical treatments for hair regrowth is something which most people opt for in the first go.

There are many kinds of medical treatments for hair regrowth in Mumbai. The specialists ensure that the latest trends are followed and patients get the best treatment that is available. Medical treatment not only help with growing new hair but also help in reducing the inflammation on the scalp helping in long lasting benefits. Medical treatment for hair regrowth include medicines.  Some of the latest hair growth treatments (medical) include:

  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil for hair regrowth is also commonly known as Rogaine. It is not sure how it exactly works but it is very effective in growing the hair back. The treatment method is simple. The medicine is available in liquid form and can be purchased over the counter. You just have to rub your scalp with the liquid twice a day. This treatment for hair regrowth in Mumbai can be used for both men and women. However the rate of hair regrowth is different for different people and the results will take up to sixteen weeks to show up and the treatment has to be continued to keep reaping the benefits. The side effects of Rogaine as the treatment for hair regrowth in Mumbai include irritation in the scalp, unwanted hair growth (face and hands) and increased heart rate.
  • Finasteride: This type of medical treatment for hair growth in Mumbai is also referred to as Propecia. This drug is only recommended for men and has to be taken in the pill form. This pill will help in retarding hair loss and increase new hair growth. The medicine needs to be continuously taken to make sure that the benefits sustain. The side effects of this treatment include decreased sex drive and it is strongly recommended that pregnant women do not go anywhere near even the crushed or broken tablets.

Apart from the above two mentioned FDA approved drugs there are various natural medicinal treatments that are used in Mumbai for hair regrowth. These include application of sage oil, rosemary oil, Silcea, liquorice extracts and Nioxin vitamins. But these treatment methods used in Mumbai are not very effective.

  • Diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP): This is a new mage medicine and is available in the liquid form. This is painted on the scalp one a week. This medicine helps in strengthening hair roots.
  • Oral contraceptivesare also used to reduce the production of androgens in the female body and stop the hair loss. However their use is strictly governed by the doctor and past and present medical history has to be carefully examined.

Stem cell therapy for hair growth in Mumbai

Stem cell therapy for hair growth in Mumbai is a highly successful non-invasive non painful method of hair regrowth.  Mostly it is the deal hair follicles that prevent the new hair from growing. Stem cell therapy uses the stem cells from the body to promote the growth of new hair follicles which are then transplanted on the scalp.

The process of stem cell therapy for hair growth in Mumbai is very simple. The specialist will first take some samples of your hair follicles and then process them in the lab to generate the stem cell. Stem cells are regenerative and therefore multiply easily. The stem cells are then inserted on the scalp.

Stem cells help in growing new hair. Not only this, stem cell therapy for hair regrowth in Mumbai will also help the hair in growing in the right direction which helps in covering the baldness. Not only this the stem cells also help in keeping the follicles from shrinking and therefore the results are long lasting and forever.  The quality and texture of the hair is also improved by this therapy. Stem cell therapy for hair growth and regrowth in Mumbai is a treatment that gets rid of hair loss for life.

There are many benefits of stem cell therapy treatment. It is not only a sure shot treatment method but it is the safest also. The results are quickly visible and does not require many sittings. Stem cell therapy treatment in Mumbai is a boon for people suffering from thyroid imbalances, chemotherapy, dermatitis, fungal infections and people who are suffering from severe emotional stress.

Medical treatment for hair growth and regrowth in Mumbai is highly effective and various methods and a combination of methods is used on patients for deriving the right kind of treatment. The treatment methods are devised on the basis of the patient’s condition of hair fall and their expectations. The medical conditions and history is also kept in mind. Depending on the amount of treatment needed method varies. However medical treatment for hair growth in Mumbai is a very successful option.