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Problems of hair are best dealt by a trichologists who is a hair specialist. Various hair clinics all over India have trichologists on their panel but sometimes your hair problem may seem to persist even after treatment by hair experts or hair specialists at the best hair clinics. This may happen because a trichologist is not trained enough to look for deeper cause of the problems. A trichologist is a specialist and in some cases for the treatment of hair super specialization may be needed.

Various hair treatments are now available in India at various hair clinics that now exist all over the country. Even though there are thousands of hair clinics in India and every metro city like Mumbai, the quality of hair treatment at such hair clinics remains questionable. Even for mild hair problems, the treatment should be done by hair specialists or hair experts only. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, India, Dr. Rinky Kapoor and Dr. Debraj Shome perform various hair treatments depending upon various issues of hair. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a cosmetic dermatologist and is an expert hair specialist. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, both surgical and non- surgical hair treatments are provided by the best hair experts and trichologists. One of the most common procedures that are being carried out by Dr. Rinky Kapoor and Dr. Debraj Shome is hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by the hair experts or the trichologists using various methods such as FUT, FUE or hair grafting. Each hair treatment that is performed at any hair clinic across India carries some risks and your hair specialist should be able to explain everything to you in detail. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, apart from hair transplant, other type of minimally invasive hair treatments like stem cell therapy, PRP therapy for hair and the revolutionary QR678 growth factor injection treatment are also being performed. Treatment for dandruff which may be very severe is performed by Dr. Rinky Kapoor. According to Dr. Rinky Kapoor who is one of the top hair experts and cosmetic dermatologists of India, dandruff treatment is extremely necessary as it may lead to very severe hair fall and hair loss. Dr. Rinky Kapoor also provides treatment for various problems like folliculitis, telogen effluvium and loose anagen syndrome at her clinic in Mumbai. All these hair problems can cause extreme hair loss and require the intervention of a specialist or a trichologist. In addition to problems of hair fall, in Mumbai Dr. Rinky Kapoor also treats problems of excessive hair growth which is because of a condition known as Hirsutism. At The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, treatment for Hypertrichosis is also available.

A treatment for hair loss which is only available in Mumbai currently and nowhere else in India is QR678 injection which has been jointly invented by Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor. Dr. Debraj Shome is the best facial plastic surgeon in India. Along with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Dr. Debraj Shome found out the growth factors which can trigger re- growth of hair. QR678 has been granted a US patent and is one of the few pharmaceuticals inventions of India to have been granted this patent. Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the few doctors from India to have achieved this feat along with Dr. Rinky Kapoor. At the Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, some of the best trichologists and specialists of Mumbai are available who can cure all the issues of your hair.