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Surgical Hair Transplant

Hair loss and hair thinning can be a serious problem for many. It is a blow to the self-confidence for many once the balding patches start to appear in cases of males and females. Or when they can no longer maintain their usual hair style because of loss of hair and thinning hair on the scalp. Surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India is a very common procedure and very successful to.

Hair transplant in India is performed to restore hair to the areas of scalp that have lost the hair or the hair are thinning in the area. There are many kinds of hair transplant in Mumbai and it is a surgical procedure. Hair transplant is used with hair replacement surgeries like flap surgery, tissue expansion and scalp reduction in Mumbai India. The aim is to provide the patient with the best possible treatment plan with minimal discomfort after the surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India.

Hair transplant using the surgical method in Mumbai India is done by the hands of expert hair surgeons only. There are two types of hair transplant procedures namely slit grafts and micro grafts. You are a suitable patient for surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India if

  • You are suffering from male pattern baldness
  • You are a woman with thinning hair
  • You have lost some hair to the burn or scalp injury.

Surgical Hair transplant in Mumbai India: The process

The process of surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India is very simple and it involves removing hair follicles from other sites of the body (face or legs) and simply planting them on the portion where the hair is needed. Hair transplant in India is not limited to transplant of hair on the scalp only it can also be used to transplant hair in the lashes and brows.  Slit grafts use only four to ten hair per graft whereas micro graft contain only one or two hairs per graft. The selection of the type of graft will depend on the amount of hair needed.

The techniques for picking up the follicular clusters for surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India is known as Follicular Hair transplantation (FUT) and there are two ways to do it which include strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE)

In the first method strips of skin and hair are harvested to be planted on balding areas where in FUE the hair clusters and the roots are manually removed by the surgeon and then planted on the site needing hair. Strip harvesting is most preferred surgical hair transplant method in Mumbai India because it does not leave a noticeable scar and the recovery time is just two weeks. In case of the FUE process needs several careful settings at it is a manual process and therefore needs more attention. However the upside is that the results are natural and therefore no marks at all. The amount of time it takes makes it less cost effective for both the doctors and the patient.

Surgical Hair transplant treatment in Mumbai India: The Steps

The steps involving hair transplant are:

  • Hair transplant in Mumbai India takes place in the surgeon’s office and you will have to take an appointment beforehand.
  • On the day of the appointment the surgeon and his team will clean and clear the area where hair transplant is required
  • Area will be numbed using an injection
  • Depending on your previous discussion with the doctor FUE or the strip surgery method will be used for hair transplant.
  • The skin strip is removed from the back of your head for follicular extraction
  • The surgeon will then prepare the graft and create holes or slits using the scalpel or needle and place the grafts in the holes.
  • The process can take up to four to eight hours to complete.
  • If you want thicker hair then the process might need to be repeated.

What to expect after surgical hair transplant in Mumbai India

  • Once the surgical hair transplant process it complete the surgeon will put some bandages and gauzes on the scalp
  • The stiches will be removed after about two weeks. Before the next session the first transplant has to heal completely.
  • You might have to take some medication after hair transplant in Mumbai for pain, infection and swelling.
  • Accept the transplanted hair to fall after two to three weeks this is quite normal and new hair will grow in few weeks (about half an inch every month).
  • Doctor might prescribe you some medicines to promote hair regrowth.
  • Getting back to normal activities might take up to several days and hence you should be prepared to take some leave from work.

The results of the hair transplant surgery varies from person to person and therefore expectations should be discussed with the doctor in detail. Also the cost varies as per the number of grafts needed and the number of sessions required.