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Hair Regrowth Treatment in Mumbai

Hair loss is a common problem worldwide. Men, women and children from all corners of the world suffer from this problem. Hair loss can be because of many reasons and sometimes because of reasons unknown but best hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai is what you need to get your hair back. The first step to any kind of hair regrowth treatment is the diagnosis of the cause of hair loss. There are various aspects to it such as:

  • The frequency of hair loss
  • Hormone tests
  • Scalp biopsy
  • Hair pull
  • Blood tests
  • Medical history
  • Genetics

It is very important that you don’t try to self-diagnose yourself in order to promote best hair regrowth. A well-qualified hair specialist will only be able to give you the correct analysis of your condition and suggest the best treatment method. There are various types of hair loss and these include:

  • Effluviums
  • Alopecia in different forms
  • Congenital Hyportichosis in which the patient has not hair since birth
  • Infectious agents such as ringworms
  • Hair shaft defects

Apart from these hair loss can also be due to cosmetic causes , temporary medications, illness, cancer, tumor , drug induced etc. therefore it is hard to get a proper and correct diagnosis if your dermatologist does not have enough experience.  Even the best of the styling products can cause harm to the quality of the hair. Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai is done by some of the best physicians in the field.

Best hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai differs for men and women. This is because men and women have different pattern of hair loss and the cause behind them is also different and hence hair regrowth treatment is also customized in order to get the best results.

Various treatment options for Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai Include:

Medicinal Treatment: For men the medicinal hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai includes use of some of the best drugs known as Finasteride, Proscar/Propecia and Minoxidil. These medications are very effective in promoting hair regrowth and are a very popular treatment method in Mumbai. Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai uses these medicines to give the people some relief from falling hair. Medications are also used with other best hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai to make them more effective. However the problem with medicines is that there are a number of side effects associated with them. These include impotency, abnormal ejaculation, and tenderness in the breasts, dizziness, weakness, headache, feeling faint, and skin rash. Problem with these side effects is that their effect lasts longs time after you have stopped using the treatment.

For female pattern baldness the medications include contraceptives, Cyproterone Acetate with Ethinyloestradiol, progestrones etc. to suppress the male hormone and prevent hair loss. For best results the medicines should only be taken under the guidance of a good doctor only.

PRP treatment for hair regrowth in Mumbai: One of the best non-surgical approaches for the treatment of hair regrowth in Mumbai. This treatment for hair regrowth uses the platelet rich plasma from the blood to stimulate the follicles and thus increasing hair growth. This is a relatively pain free and noninvasive treatment method which can give permanent results without any major side effects. However this type of treatment for hair regrowth in Mumbai requires multiple sessions. On the other side the biggest advantage is the most as close to natural looking and fuller hair.

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cell therapy as a treatment for hair regrowth in Mumbai is slowly gaining popularly. This best therapy for hair regrowth uses the stem cells from the body and uses them on the scalp to promote the hair growth. This treatment should be only performed on by the best of the doctors in Mumbai so that the results are as near to perfect as possible.

Hair transplant: Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai also has a surgical option and that hair transplant. Hair transplant harvests hair from the healthy hair part of the scalp and separate the best from it and then inserts it in the scalp where there is no hair. This process is painful and requires considerable healing time but the results are excellent. For best results proper precautions should always be taken.

Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai is a best option to choose if you have been bothered by hair fall for a long time. Apart from these treatments it is also important to use the right kind of hair products like the shampoo and conditioner and the type of water you use to wash your hair. Also your diet should be a full diet including the best quality of proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients. Diet and hydration will play an important role in keeping the hair healthy and give them a long life.

Hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai is can give you the best holistic treatment that your hair deserves by carefully analyzing the problem and treating it accordingly. Treatment for every patient is different because of the skin and hair quality of every person is different. The treatments are most effective when the treatment of the cause of hair loss is combined with the best hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai. The best results for hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai can happen when you start treatment as soon as possible and not leave it for later. Too long a delay in treatment for hair regrowth can cause the hair follicles to damage permanently and thus causing permanent baldness.