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Hair loss increased in corona

Natural and Effective Procedure for Hair Loss Problem – Bhramar, Nashik

Natural and Effective Procedure for Hair Loss Problem – Lokjyoti, Nashik

Hair Fall Problem Will Be Solved – Navbharat , Nashik

The Modern Technology for Hair Loss Problem – Yugdharma, Nagpur

The Modern Technology for Hair Loss Problem – National Sandesh, Nagpur

FDA Approved QR678 First in Class Hair Fall & Hair Regrowth

New Age Solution – Rashtraprakash, Nagpur

Natural and Effective Procedure for Hair Loss Problem – Deshonnati, Nagpur

Revolutionary Treatment For Hair Loss – Tarun Bharat , Nagpur

QR678 Therapy is an Effective Procedure on Hair Loss Problem- Dr Debraj Shome, Dainik Bhramar, Nashik

Get Rid of Hair Loss Problem by Nature Procedure- QR678, Navrashtra Press, Nashik

Solution for Hair Loss Problem is QR678 – Dainik Bhaskar, Nagpur

Natural and Effective Procedure for Hair Loss Problem – Dainik Mahasagar, Nagpur

Natural and Effective Procedure for Hair Loss Problem – Saimat Press ,Nashik

QR678 Therapy is an Effective Procedure on Hair Loss Problem- Dr Debraj Shome, Panchvati Express

Hair growth factor formulation for cancer patients

Know-How Effective Is Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

A new therapy to curb hairfall and increase thickness

International Alopecia Day: Is This Serious Hair Condition Reversible? Here’s What You Need To Know

DCGI approved QR 678 formulation proves to be a differentiator from traditional hair transplant treatment

The Modern Technology for Hair Loss Problem

QR678 Hair Regrowth Therapy Highlighted as One of the Greatest Hair Inventions at Prestigious Conference IMCAS Asia

Here’s everything you need to know about hair transplantation


Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Pop A Pimple

Regulate Medical Aesthetics (Amazing One) – BioSpectrum Nov

How To Take Care Of Skin And Hair During And After Cancer Treatment

Say Goodbye To Butt Acne With These Dermatologist Approved Tips

Liver Cancer Awareness Month Skin Care Hair Care Cancer Patients

Lets Talk CBD Oil

Do Not Tie Child Hair With Tight Accessories Cause Child Hair Issue

Pop Goes The Pimple

Wrinkles Causes Ageing Skin Reasons

Lockdown Has Taught Us A Lot About Skincare

5 Benefits Of Using Baking Soda

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Did You Know Covid 19 Can Give You Rashes

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750 AD Initiates Dialogue With Derma Summit 2020; Sustainability In Skincare

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How Sun Damage Affects Dry Oily And Sensitive Skin Types

Natural Beauty Is Making A Comeback

All You Need To Know About The Skin Condition

Give Your Skin A Break And Go Au Naturel

How To Maintain Your Skin Festive Season

Give Your Skin Some Love – Mumbai Mirror

Unlocking Aesthetic

Skin Rashes Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Acne Is The New Symptom For Corona Virus As Expertise Say

Acne Is The New Symptom For Corona Virus – Mumbai Choufer

Skin Beauty With Ice – Dainik Bhaskar

Take Care Of Skin And Hair During Pregnancies

How To Glow Skin Naturally Special Tips In Marathi

Glow Up Naturally – Asian Age

Salons Open In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai And Thane Why They Are Allowed To Give Haircuts But Not Shaves

What You Should Know Before Your Virtual Skin Consultation

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What’s The Right Way To Use A Sanitiser

Pregnent Women Should Take Care Of Her Skin And Hairs

Is A Scalp Scrub What You Need?

Feet Care At Home

Psoriasis Awareness Month

The Sanitiser Question – Financial Express

Know About Aging Patterns

Stress Hair Loss In Covid 19

Benefits Of Face Steaming On Skin Pores

The Many Faces Of Masks

Excess Hair Fall In Monsoon

Lifestyle Health Foot Precautions

The Truth About Sheet Mask

How Get Rid Acne Scars Best Home Remedies And Treatments Out There

Tips To Take Care Of Feet – Pudhari

5 Ways In Which Excessive Sweating Is Damaging Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Rains?

Don’t Let Random Hairfall Bother You This Monsoon

How Control Hair Loss During Monsoon

Use Kitchen Ingredients To Revive Your Hair

Skin Care Tips

Keep Your Skin Healthy During Monsoon

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Easy Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Is Your Mask Making Your Skin Break Out

5 Things You Must Never Apply On Your Oily Skin, According To A Dermatologist

Protect Your From Rainy Season

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Skincare Guide Monsoon Check Out

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Blue Light From Electronic Skin Is Damaging Your Skin

Night Skin Care Regime – Pudhari

How To Reduce Pigmentation

Just CTM Isn’t Enough, Take Care Of Your Skin The Right Way

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I Stopped Using A Face Wash For 20 Days. This Is What Happened To My Skin

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Hair Care Greasy Scalp Benefits Of Clarifying Shampoo Scrub

How To Detox Your Skin During The Hot Summer Months

Benefits Of Peel Of Lemon For Skin

Treatment For Hairfall

Excessive Use Of Gadgets Is Harmful To The Skin

Here Are Some Super Effective Remedies For Irritating Acne Told By An Expert

Did You Know Continuous Use Of Gadgets Harms Skin? Here Are Some Expert Approved Home Remedies

Beauty Guide For Teen Beginners

How To Safely And Effectively Cover Up Every Kind Of Pimple With Makeup

How To Fix A Lockdown Face

Tips And Tricks For Mens Skincare

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10 Expert-Approved DIY Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Telemedical Is The Way To Go – Times Of India

Signs Your Skin Is Dehydrated

Skin Care Tips Summer Season

Benefits Of Mustard Oil For Hair

How To Shine Your Skin During Lockdown

Give Your Skin Some TLC

Beauty Expert Home Remedies To Keep Your Skin Glowing During The Lockdown

Get Some Face Time – Mumbai Mirror

In Safe Hands

Man Suffers Burns In Sanitiser Mishap; Know Why You Should Use Hand Sanitisers With Care

Skin Irritation And Redness Is Not The Summer Look We’re Going For

Hair Fall And Hair Regrowth Therapy

Hair Fall And Hair Growth Therapy Has Received The US and Indian Patent And Is Indian FDA Approved

Coronavirus outbreak in India: Are santisers and masks useful for preventing the spread of COVID-19

Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Hand Sanitizer

Excess Use Of Sanitizer – Gujarati Mid-day

Skin And Hair Care During Holi – Pudhari

The Aftermath Of Leprosy On Skin, And The Mind – How The Disease And Stigma Affect Patients

Thread Lift And Face Lift – Loksatta

Skin And Hair Need As Much Attention As The Vital Organs Of Your Body

Best Body Hair Removal Techniques That’ll Rid You Of Unwanted Fuzz

Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

Skin And Hair Care Tips – Mumbai Choufer

5 Expert-Approved Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

QR 678 Neo Hair Fall and Hair Regrowth Therapy

Home Made Hair Masks

Experts Tell You The Real Reason Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

Skincare Trends To Keep Up With In The Year 2020

Dermacon 2020, Pune

The Best Eye Creams For Those Puffy Bags, According To Dermatologists

Affect Of Thyroid On Skin And Hair – Prahar

Everything You Wanted To Know About LED Face Treatments

Dip Powder Manicure Gel Manicure Comparison Nails Expert Tips

Roll Play – Times Of India

How To Fight Puffy Eyes

Why You Need To Consider Your Hair Porosity Before Trying New Products And Treatments

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Feet Related Problems Psoriasis – Dr Rinky Kapoor

Latest Beauty Trends In 2020

Thyroid Awareness Month: Effects Of Thyroid Disorders On Skin And Hair- Home Remedies To Combat It

Two Beauty Trends In 2020

Turmeric In Skincare

Two Beauty Trends In 2020 By Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics


Art Of Aesthetics – Dr Rinky Kapoor

Beauty Hacks For New Year Party

Prevention Of Dry Skin In Winter

Do Not Follow Beauy Tricks On Internet Blindly – Gujarati Midday

Get New Look Without Surgery – Navbharat

V Shape Jawline Without Surgery – Mumbai Choufer

Skin Care In Winter – Prahar

Skin Care Tips For Changing Weather – Hindustan Tan Man

Skin Care Tips: How To Prevent Dry Skin In Winter? How To Choose The Right Moisturiser? Here Are Some Guidelines For Every Skin Type

How To Prevent Dryness Of Skin During Winter

Tips For A Healthy And Glowing Skin This Winter

Acne After Childbirth How To Deal With It

Summer Is Here: Keep Your Skin And Hair Healthy And Beautiful

Beauty On Duty – Femina Magazine

Biotin Supplements For Glowing Skin Strong Nails Healthy Hair Benefits Precautions

How To Save Our Skin To Pollution

Hair Growth Treatments Minoxidil Benefits Side Effects

How To Look In 30 When You Are In Your 60 – Deccan Chronicle

If You Pick Your Skin More Often Than You Blink, You Gotta Read This!

Back Facial – Times Of India

How To Make Your Skin Glow This Festive Season

Skin Care In Festive Season – Pudhari

Festive Season Special: What Are The Treatments Available To Get Instant Skin Glow?

Open Skin Beauty – Prahar

Such A Revealing Skin Beauty For The Festival – Mumbai Chaufer

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All You Want to Know About Collagen

4 Beauty Myths Busted

Monsoon Skincare: Effective Home Remedies Acne

Skin Care In Monsoon – Pudhari

Healthy Morning Skin Care Routine – Smart Life Magazine

Healthy Morning Routine For Skin That You Should Follow

How Effective Are Common Skin Care Tips

Follow This Morning Skin Care Guide

Get Rid Of Unwanted Dandruff Easily

Everything You Wanted To Know About Getting Rid Of Dandruff Once and For All!

Suffering from monsoon allergies? Here’s what you can do

Acne Problems In Monsoon – Janmabhoomi

The Rise Of Rice Water – Hindustan Times

Skin Problems, Allergies And Its Care In Rains

Dermatitis In The Rainy Season – Sakal

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Dealing With Skin Irritation? Keep Common Skin And Hair Problems At Bay With Some Expert Tips

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Coping With Monsoon Acne

Skin Problems In Monsoon – Chitralekha

Truth Behind Viral Message Of Tight Jeans Causes Infertility – Saamana

Nurture Your Eyes – Viva L’Amore

Are Gel Manicures Safe?

Is Sunscreen Safe For Kids?

This Is How Blackhead Removal Strips Are Damaging Your Skin

Increasing Heat Causes Stress On Skin Problems – Prahar

Itchy Scalp In The Summer Of The Skin Is Annoying, Make Treatment


Summer Skin Care Tips To Beat The Heat

Oral Sunscreen Tablets Eat Your Sunscreen Now

How To Reduce Unwanted Fat From Face And Neck – Tarun Bharat

Bid Adieu To Your Double Chin With This One-Shot

Double Chin – Vruttmanas

Kids And Organic Sunscreen – Prahar

Figuring Out PCOS – Times Of India

Protect Your Children From Sunrays – Aple Mahanagar

Skin Care In Summer – HT Cafe

Tattoo Trouble – Smart Life

Holi Dermatoses – Vruttamanas

Men’s Opt Surgery For Reshaping Their Lips – Vruttamanas

Detox Your Way To A Healthier, Happier And More Energetic You – Hindustan Times

Holi Dermatoses – Prahar

Holi And Skin Care – Pudhari

Holi Dermatoses – Aple Mahanagar

Style Your Tresses – Smart Life

The True Glow Of Health – Hindustan Times

Doctor Warns People Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery – Hamara Mahanagar

Guard Your Skin – The Tribune

Beware Of The Dangers

‘Perfect selfie craze’ pushing more people to opt for cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic sugery for perfect selfie

Selfie Dysmorphia increase in India

Selfie Dysmorphia increase in India – Sakal

‘Perfect selfie craze’ pushing more people to opt for cosmetic surgeries – Sakal

‘Perfect selfie craze’ pushing more people to opt for cosmetic surgeries – Prahar

Quest for that perfect selfie – Free press Journal

Perfect selfie craze – Maharashtra Times

74% women in 4 cities face low confidence upon taking selfie – Indian Express

Selfie Dysmorphia increase in India – Dopahar Ka Samana

Selfie, selfie on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? – Hindu

Selfie Dysmorphia increase in India – Samana

Selfie Lover Careful! Increasing ‘Selfie Dysmorphia’ – Navrashtra

Doctor sounds warning on ‘Selfie Dysmorphia’ – Tarun Bharat

Doctor sounds warning on ‘Selfie Dysmorphia’ – Aple Mahanagar

Doctor sounds warning on ‘Selfie Dysmorphia’ – Afternoon Dc

Hair colour game strong – Asian age

How to get rid of teen acne – Mumbai Mirror

Detox your skin – DNA

Trend – Mens opting for waxing and threading for body shaving