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Three Must Know Facts about Alopecia Treatment in India

Alopecia is one hair-related issue faced by most of the people around the world in mild or extreme conditions. This disorder should be treated by a well-experienced trichologist to stimulate the regrowth of the lost hair. Many trichologists in the country claim to offer the best treatment but there are three must know facts about Alopecia treatment in India that you should be aware of before getting your alopecia treatment done.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system itself attacks the hair cells, assuming it to be a foreign agent. This immune system attack results in increased rate of hair loss and bald patches in the scalp. Alopecia may be caused due to hereditary, improper nutrition, stress or other medical ailments. The bitter fact is that there is no complete cure for Alopecia till date; treatments are done by experienced doctors to stimulate faster hair regrowth in areas of hair loss and baldness. The degree of hair loss and severity of alopecia differs from person to person based on age, blood group, genes and other factors. This treatment also varies from person to person based on the severity.

Though there are many trichologists in India, this is where consulting the best trichologist becomes crucial as the doctor should examine the patient thoroughly and come up with the best-suited treatment for that particular person. The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai is renowned for offering the best Alopecia treatment in the country by some of the best trichologists in Mumbai. The QR-678, a hair restoration therapy developed by the collective efforts of Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor marked the revolution in the field of trichology. The team of well-trained doctors at the Hair Treatment Mumbai examines the patients and proposes treatments such as Corticosteroid treatment, Topical Immunotherapy and Topical Minoxidil based on the severity of the patients. The patients are expected to follow the recommended procedure strictly and patiently to reap positive results.

We should be wise enough to invest our hard earned money and time in the treatment of Alopecia by choosing the best trichologist in Mumbai.

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