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Latest Hair Growth Treatments: Find the Best Cure at Low Cost

Hair loss, thinning hair and spotting bald patches on your head can be more heart wrenching than words can describe. The revolution in biology and the endless researches conducted on hair growth has gifted us with various hair growth treatments that effectively improve regrowth of the lost hair. Though most of us face hair loss problems, we refrain from consulting an expert trichologist fearing its expense, time consumption and effectiveness. The happy news is that there are effective treatments that will not harm your wallet. Hence you should be aware of the latest hair growth treatments: Find the best cure at low cost.

Nowadays hair growth treatments are done through medication, laser therapy and surgical hair restoration. The medical hair treatments include the usage of Finasteride, Minoxidil, Ketoconazole and the like. This type of treatment may be in the form of oral medication, topical application and shampoos. Another treatment that is gaining popularity is the PRP hair treatment. In this process the platelet rich plasma is extracted and injected into subcutaneous tissue of the scalp. The injected plasma is enriched with growth stimulating factors that activate new hair follicles. Stem cell hair transplant treatment being cost effective has become the most opted alternative for hair transplant procedures. But above all the treatments, the QR 678 is the most effective treatment that aids in hair regrowth beating the PRP and stem cell therapy. QR 678 is the latest hair restoration therapy invented by Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr.Rinky Kapoor, which is a hair regrowth formulation injection that boosts hair growth and stops hair loss.

Though there are multiple treatments that are known to effectively improve hair growth, only an experienced trichologist can guide you to take up the right treatment that best suits your hair loss severity and budget.

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