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Hair Loss

Hair loss can be emotional breakdown for many people. It certainly becomes an embarrassing situation when you are in a party or out with friend or even at a party and hair strands show up on the cloths or in the food. Hair loss is an indication that something is wrong in your body and needs attention. Let us take a look at various causes of hair loss that need treatment from a hair loss specialist in Mumbai:

  • Heredity

A family history of hair loss especially in female is one of the prime causes of hair loss.  Hair loss because of heredity occurs in a predictable pattern and is a gradual process. Family history can affect the age at which you lose your hair the amount of hair you lose. Balding spots in both male and female are common in this condition. A good hair loss treatment specialist will be able to recognize the problem early on and give treatment accordingly.

  • Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes in the body are not avoidable. They can be because of many reasons such as stress and emotional issues. Hormonal imbalance can lead to temporary hair loss. One of the main reasons of abnormal hair loss is thyroid problem. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can lead to hair loss. A good hair loss treatment specialist in Mumbai will help you in treating the imbalance correctly so that the hair loss is contained and regrowth resumes.

  • Hair Loss in Patches

This is condition called alopecia areata in which the hair loss happens suddenly and results in bald patches on the scalp. This condition is caused when the body’s immune system starts attacking the hair follicles causing the hair to fall. Hair loss specialist in Mumbai can help treat the problem successfully.

  • Infections

There can be many infections which can lead to hair loss. These infections can be fungal or be caused because of ringworm. These infections can cause irritation on the scalp and can leave scaly patches on the skin which can lead to hair loss. These infections can be treated by a hair loss specialist in Mumbai and the hair loss will stop.

  • Trichotillomania

This is a very serious condition and requires the attention of the hair loss treatment specialist in Mumbai immediately. This is a psychological condition in which the patient has the urge to pull his or her hair desperately. They tend to pull their hair from the head, eyebrows, private parts and other areas of the body.

  • Dramatic and sudden weight loss

Exercise and diet control is a very good idea but if you are going on a crash diet to lose weight or are suddenly losing weight because of some disease then it can lead to hair loss. The hair require nutrients the same way our rest of the body needs them and any kind of deficiency of the same can cause  dull life less and less hair.  Sudden weight loss puts the body’s system in shock. This problem takes about six months to correct.

  • Medications

If you are on medications for aliments such as cancer, arthritis, depression, heart, blood pressure and birth control then hair loss is a common symptom associated with these medications. A hair loss treatment specialist in Mumbai can identify the problem correctly and treat it accordingly to stop the hair loss.

  • Overstlying

Over styling the hair continuously and using extreme hair styling products like sprays and gels and hot rods and curlers can cause hair loss. These products pull the hair tight and that can lead to traction alopecia. Overstyling can also cause scarring on the scalp which can lead to permanent hair loss. Spa hair treatments like hot oil treatments and permanents can damage the hair follicles and which can lead to hair loss.

  • Anaemia

The hair draws its fuel from the blood stream. Conditions like Anaemia cause deficiency in blood which in turn leads to hair loss because of weakened follicles. Therefore anaemia should be treated by a specialist for hair loss immediately.

Hair loss treatment specialist in Mumbai are experts in treating all kinds of hair loss and have been providing successful treatments for years.