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The Advanced Guide to trichorrhexis nodosa treatment

Trichorrhexis nodosa also popularly called as bamboo hair is a condition where thick or weak points across the shafts cause hair to break off easily. This is generally a genetic condition. It can also be caused by excessive use of chemicals, perming, over-brushing or too much blow drying. Other possible triggers of this condition include ectodermal dysplasia, trichothiodystrophy, Menkes syndrome, iron deficiency, hypothyroidism and even argininosuccinic aciduria.

Benefits of Trichorrhexis Nodosa Treatment

In this condition, hair may break off at the scalp or form splitting ends, or the tips may turn whitish.  Diagnosis involves a thorough examination of hair and scalp before specialist suggest trichorrhexis nodosa  treatment. Some of the suggested changes for mitigating the problems, are use of combs with great care, avoiding harsh chemicals, avoid use of hair dryer or hair ironing, and reliance on gentle shampoos and conditioners. Also popularly known as hair shaft fracture, hair breakage, fragile hair or brittle hair, this condition was first identified in 1852. Injury or chemical abuse resulting the condition may need to be resolved prior to treatment. The underlying causes of the trichorrhexis nodosa, such as hormonal disorders or medical deficiencies also require treatment for the fully resolving the condition.

Congenital dis-order that can also be acquired are a result of hormonal imbalances

Acquired trichorrhexis nodosa includes proximal, distal and localised. Each condition is caused by certain factors. Localised trichorrhexis nodosa may be accompanied by dermatitis and may result from scratching or rubbing. Complete resolution of the condition may take around two to four years. It all depends on the growth of new anagen hairs. White flecks on the scalp, excessive abnormality of hair and difficulty in attaining normal hair length are problem areas that need to be carefully looked into, at the time of diagnosis.

Routine healthcare is important to combat trauma to the hair. According to dermatologists, routine hair care is as important as genetics, for good hair as well as during effective treatment of hair problems.  Treatment for hair shaft fracture is generally decided after identifying the nature of the ailment, as either congenital or acquired, so as to chalk out an effective regimen.

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