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Hair Doctor in Mumbai: Providing the Best Hair Restoration Surgery

Those beautiful and glossy tassels are a vital role player in embellishing your beauty and there is no reason or excuse that you can ignore them. They do so much for you when you want to take your style a notch higher. A change in hair look gives almost a new face. If your hair is shedding off at a noticeable pace then, it is the right time to turn up to the best hair treatments in the beauty capital of the nation that is Mumbai and there are a zillion of hair doctors in Mumbai.

Why to go for a hair treatment?

A hub of beauty and cosmetic treatments in this city has a lot to give you and will always keep your hopes high. Hence, there is nothing to be scared of. The hair treatment is a permanent solution to the problem that the hair doctors in Mumbai will offer you and there is nothing temporary about this treatment. This treatment is about transplanting the hair from a place to the place where there is no hair or lesser hair. Since 1950’s, doctors in the US have been using this treatment.

About the treatment

The doctor first cleans the scalp to analyse it and see what the extent of hair loss is. Then the hair doctor in Mumbai injects the back of youth head with anaesthesia to make the skin numb. The doctor then decides about the methods that he might want to choose for your treatment: follicular unit strip surgery or follicular unit extraction. The treatment is so much engaging that it needs a whole team to perform. The strip of the hair if taken which is further divided into 500 to 2000 grafts by the team members. The type and number of grafts that you get depends on the type and properties of the original hair you already have. The hair doctors in Mumbai are fully experienced.

Expectations and hopes

It is not a crime to keep high hopes but then hoping to see some miracle happen without giving enough time is surely a crime. The hair doctor in Mumbai work hard to bring about changes and being a patient it is your duty to have patience and wait for the results. The new hair will be no different from the older ones.

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